Hi, I'm Jordan Allen

I am a freelance web developer, software engineer, graphics designer, and business manager based in Atlanta, Georgia. I have professional experience in all of my freelance ventures, and am studying for a degree in Software Engineering at Kennesaw State University.

No matter your project budget, size, or deadline, I am always ready to help and assist. Feel free to contact me to discuss any business.

What I Can Do

Logo Design
SEO Setup
Team Management
Social Media
Web Design
Adsense Marketing
Logo & Branding

Previous Work

Website Design
Backend Development
Business Management

Reach Out To Me

We love hearing from fans, people interested in business, and those who simply wish to discuss possible similar projects. If the contact form above does not meet what you are searching for, feel free to contact me with the contact information found in the footer. Thank you for hanging in and making it to the bottom of this long page.